Friday, November 6, 2009

Do You Need A Real Estate License To Join

Question from Jarosales760:

Do you need a real estate license to join?

There is no licensing requirement to become a "qualified" consumer credit counselor for US HomeSavers Debt Management program. You will receive training over the next 52 weeks to earn "qualified" status.

US HomeSavers is acts as a marketing, sales and enrollment agent for an accredited debt prorater licensed and bonded to operate in all but a few states that require Debt Counselors to be non-profit organizations. Even though we are a for profit company, we work with creditors on the same "exact" basis as the non-profits. We just don't have to beg our customers for donations. You, on the other hand will have an opportunity to earn excellent fees and long term residual income.

If you are going to originate LOSS MITIGATION applications, a real estate license is conducive in that you will be able to earn standard pre foreclosure sales commissions for real estate listings from distressed homeowners who do not qualify for a Making Home Affordable or some other home ownership retention program.

Manage My Short Sale also allows you to "manage" your short sales and loan modification applications using  state of the art Customer Relations Management software to track the progress of your short sale and loan modification. It also notifies you and your client, via e-mail, on updates to their files.


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