Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Diversify With Us - 1st Webinar is One Week From Tomorrow


First I wanna finish my story about Rodney Anderson.

Like most smart business managers, Rodney follows market trends. Like me, he saw a downturn looming in the real estate and mortgage markets. Do you know what he did? he didn't piss and moan about market circumstances he could not change - he changed his business model to accommodate the market.

He started promoting and holding monthly CREDIT COUNSELING SEMINARS for credit challenged persons who want to purchase a home. His deal is this. You enroll in his "Saving Your Financial Life" credit counseling program and he will help you  fix and rebuild your credit so you can buy a home. This is what going the extra mile is all about. Being a solution provider. In our case, a Credit Solution Provider.

Much like Rodney, I saw two things happening last year: Loan Modification Chop Shops sprung up everywhere; thousands of them. Presidents Bush and Obama told Americans that the government would help  homeowners keep their homes. Did these two occurrences hurt my business? Yes. Did I piss and moan about market circumstances I could not change? No. I adjusted my business model to meet the needs of my market niche: Loss Mitigation. You can and need to do the same thing.


I'm not getting out of the loss mitigation business. In a couple of years the scammers will all have gone away and the market will get back to normal. Earlier this year, much like Rodney, I added debt settlement services to my loss mitigation service portfolio. I contracted with the biggest, oldest service provider in the country. Much like you, my prospects for debt settlement came to me via my existing business. Initially, your prospects will come to you from your existing client or prospect base.

Debt Settlement is not suitable for some consumers. It is an aggressive debt relief strategy that I believe should be a last resort. However, debt consolidation can be an effective tool for consumers to become debt free and rebuild their credit without bankruptcy.

Loss Mitigation, debt settlement and debt consolidation are all come under the same heading: DEBT MANAGEMENT. The opportunity for you is to diversify your business into Debt Management.

This is an awesome fee, commission and profit opportunity for Realtors and mortgage originators alike. You are just going to have to go the extra mile of you want to stay in business or monetize your business for the leng-term. US HomeSavers is going the extra mile for you in that we are not selling you into the next, latest greatest business opportunity. We're going to give it to you.

Much like Rodney is grooming his customers to become customers and homeowners, my goal is to groom you into being THE CREDIT SOLUTION PROVIDER in your market. Hopefully, this will bring in new business from you in the future while you groom your prospects into loyal home buying or mortgage loan customers. It's not a get rich scheme. It is a sound business solution.

All I ask in return is that you help absorb some of the cost and support my marketing efforts by investing $10 a week or $43 a month to see if this opportunity is the right fit for your business. We will provide everything you need to run your new service.

Next Wednesday's Webinar will lay out everything for you. At 11:00 AM CST next Wednesday, Bob LaChance will host the first hour as we discuss the Manage My Short Sale/Manage My Loan Modification opportunity and CRM Software program.

At 12:00PM CST, I will take over the show and present you with the entire USHS Credit Management Program. If you have now interest in the Manage My Short Sale/Loan Modification program, just tune in at noon, my time.

Now is the time to enroll. It's only $10 today and $10 a week thereafter if you do not cancel your subscription after the Webinar. If you do not want to use your debit or credit card, we can arrange weekly or monthly payments via EFT.

No excuses. Your only risk is the initial $10 Webinar admission fee. The opportunity is to add $1,000 or $2,000 a week to your income next year.


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